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Commuter Parking in Summit is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Monthly, quarterly or annual parking permits are available to residents only. Summit residents are able to park in four long-term parking garages/lots for commuting purposes. A Residential Bar-code parking permit is required to park in long-term garages/lots. The bar-code permit costs $10.00 per permit with a senior discount of $5.00 per permit. Daily parking fee is $4.00. The 4 long- term garages/lots are: Broad Street Garage, Chestnut Lot, Elm Street Lot, and Sampson Lot. Resident commuters can also park in the Broad Street East lot where spaces have been reserved for their use. Look for green and white signs. Residents with a permit can either park for $4.00/day “at no charge” if the resident has pre-paid parking.

Summit is also one of the FEW towns that offers non-resident commuter parking.The Broad Street East Lot adjacent to Broad Street Parking Garage is available to residents, employees, and non-resident for long-term parking. Non-residents must pay a $10.00/day parking fee. This lot does not require a permit. If and when all spots are taken one must resort to Valet Parking which is avaialble Monday thru Friday from 5AM to 10PM. No overnight parking is permitted in this lot. 

Summit offers over night parking to residents,in certain lots and with an overnight parking permit

For valet service information contact: 347-273-1333

This information is subject to change so always double check by calling Summit Parking Authority: 908-522-5100

New Jersey Transit: 800-772-2222

Lakeland Bus Lines: 973-366-0600

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