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Click here to view before, after and  how things look today, one year after Sandy.

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How well do we know this! Todays Wall Street Journal article reports that inventory levels are down nationally. Click here to view current inventory levels for all surrounding towns.

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Just came back from shopping at William Sonoma, before putting my new coffee mugs into the dishwasher I apply a little heat onto the stickers using a hair dryer. Amazing! They come right off with no fuss and no sticky mess to wipe off. (Photo Courtesy: Real Simple Magazine)

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During the past year I have hosted two wine and cheese tasting parties, they are easy to prepare and great way to entertain a large crowd. One thing I did was  give up stemware and go to stemless wine glasses, fewer spill and less breakage. Another tip I used was to label everyone’s glass with WASHI tape (Japanese masking tape*) as they came in  with their first and last name, a nice alternative to a name tag. (photo courtesy:http://jentertaining.com/)

Houzz just release their October 2013 Kitchen Trend Study. Many of my clients that attack a kitchen renovation find themselves overwhelmed by choices and ultimately reach out to me to answer the ultimate question: Will it help the value of my house if we go to market? This study although with limited samplings may answers some of your questions. ( Photo Courtesy:  Fiorella Design )